Why a weekend bag?

A weekendbag is basically a bag that is adapted for the weekend trip, where you can pack clothes, shoes, a computer and other small items for a few days away.

Today we see that it is a practical and stylish bag for everyday needs, to pack their most valuable things for work or to be able to wear their training clothes.

When choosing a weekendbag, it is important that it is a durable material that lasts. It should be a durable material, e.g. a weekendbag leather.

Our weekend bags are handmade of the highest quality, a durable leather that also becomes more beautiful with time. The design is Scandinavian stylish, shoulder strap and luggage tag included.

Brown leather
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Dark Leather
202.05 EUR
Black suede
174.43 EUR
beige suede
174.43 EUR
Navy suede
174.43 EUR