Common questions

Are your leather bags made of genuine leather?

- Yes, it is true that our bags are made of genuine leather.

Are your bags in several sizes?

- Right now, our bags are only available in one size.

Instead of only investing in a bag that can be used as travel luggage, we have chosen to make a size that suits both travel and everyday life.

Are your bags at a retailer?

- As we want to keep the price as low as possible to the customer, we have currently chosen to only sell our products on

Do you have more products in progress?

-Yes, we will launch more products later.

Feel free to email us at if there is any product or color you are missing. Of course, we want there to be something for everyone.

How do I return an item?

-If you want to return an item, contact

How long is your delivery time?

-We send out your package the same day you order, Schenker delivers within 2-3 days.

-You can contact us at,

Direct message on Instagram: and via messenger on our Facebook page: